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The breeders listed with Purebred Dog Breeders Referral Service are all members in good standing of their local AKC-recognized dog clubs.

Contact us with the name of the specific breed for which you are looking, and we will send you the names of reputable breeders in your area - free of charge. These breeders will answer your questions or direct you to that special puppy. Remember - we only have listings for AKC registered PUREBRED puppies (i.e., ONLY breeds recognized by AKC).

For more information on specific breeds, use our DOG SEARCH, and you will find a list of breeds alphabetically or by groups. Choose the breed (or breeds) you are interested in; the link will take you to the AKC web site for that specific breed, and provide further reference materials. Once you are ready to contact a breeder, please contact us for LOCAL listings of breeders currently in our directory.



Puppies as gifts
A puppy often becomes one of the most wished for items to be found beneath the tree on Christmas Day. Yet, Christmas Day is not always the best time to bring a newcomer into your household.
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