Breeder Interview Questions
Once you select a breeder, screen the breeder.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • How long have you been breeding?
  • Are you a member of an AKC Parent Club or any other dog-related club?
  • Describe the breed’s characteristics?
  • What is this breed’s temperament like?
  • How big will the dog get?
  • How much exercise does the dog need?
  • Does this breed bark a lot?
  • Does this breed shed?
  • How often will the dog need to be groomed?
  • What are the best training methods for this dog?
  • How old will he be before he acts like an adult dog?
  • Does this breed do well with children?
  • Does this breed do well with other pets?
  • Do you do health screenings prior to breeding a litter?
  • Do you show your dogs at AKC events?

Your contact should be willing to answer all of your questions fully. He or she should also ask questions about you, your lifestyle, and your family. If a contact doesn’t respond to your inquiries, or doesn’t show any interest in the life the dog will lead after it leaves his or her premises, you may want to look elsewhere. A responsible breeder is committed to making a good match between prospective owners and the dogs in their care; that’s the kind of person you want on your side as you make the journey into dog ownership.

If a home visit is scheduled with the breeder ask to see at least one of the parents (the dam or the sire) of your puppy. See how the dogs in your breeder’s home interact with your breeder. Are they friendly and outgoing or do they shy away?